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Why Provide Renters With a Move-In Checklist

Stars And Stripes Realtors - Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Property management is an important part of being a landlord. Whether you’re looking for tenants for your first rental or already have multiple homes to rent, knowing the condition of the rental prior to a new tenant moving in is crucial to protect both parties. The checklist we put together provides a document with all identifying information, a detailed breakdown of the condition of the home room by room, and signatures as proof of what was documented.

The benefit of having a move-in checklist is tenants have the ability to address any problems they may see with the rental, such as dinged walls or torn window screens. New tenants don’t want to be responsible for damage to a rental that happened before they moved in and landlords need to know what damage, if any, is present at the time of renters move in.

The move-in checklist provides valuable information about when the tenant moves out as well. Any damage above or beyond regular wear and tear is the responsibility of the tenant, and the landlord is able to deduct any repair or replacement costs from the tenant’s deposit. Without a checklist like this, there is no way to determine when the damage occurred.

Important Details to Have on a Move-In Checklist

The move-in checklist should include the tenant’s name, the address of the property, the move-in date, and the date the inspection was done. The checklist should have a separate section for each room clearly labeled (such as Kitchen, Bedroom #1, Bedroom #2, etc.). Also, each room’s section should have every item to be checked on the form. The checklist should include a signature line for the tenant to sign once the form has been filled out.

What a Move-In Checklist Should Include

The move-in checklist should include a separate section for each room with a reference to what is in the room and a place to detail the condition of it. Most rooms will include flooring, windows and coverings, light fixtures, walls and ceiling, doors, locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and any furniture that may be in the room. Bathrooms and the kitchen should list cabinets, countertops, and any sinks or baths. Kitchen appliances should be listed under the kitchen section as well - not to mention any other rooms where appliances are applicable.

A Move-Out Checklist

The same form can be used when the tenant moves out, and both forms can be compared to see what, if any, additional damage is present at the time the tenant moves out. These simple forms can ease the mind of any landlord as they are signed documents detailing the condition of the rental prior to move in and at the time the tenant moves out. Also, landlords also have the option of videotaping the rental prior to a tenant moving in as further proof of the condition of the rental.

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