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What Are Renters Looking for in a Property?

Stars And Stripes - Thursday, November 1, 2018

When it comes to renting, most renters look for the same things. Of course, most renters are particular about location, and if they have kids they want to know they’re moving into a good school district. This is pretty normal, but – outside of those factors – what do renters really look for in a property?

Properties That Are Safe

It’s no secret that some locations are safer than others, but if your property isn’t in the safest location, there are things you can do to make it safer. Installing security cameras can help to increase a feeling of security in renters. Those who might have skipped looking at your property before, due to a lack of feeling safe, may change their mind. It’s also a good idea to have bright lights outside of all the entrances to the home; renters can be sure no one is lurking in the darkness when they get home.

Properties with Adequate Parking

Having access to a parking space is crucial for most tenants, especially those who might get home later than others and not be able to find space on the street or in a parking lot. To counter this problem, make sure to establish designated parking spots for renters and have signs installed. If a tenant complains about someone else in their spot, it’s important to have a system in place to enforce the rules and to protect your renters from people who might steal their parking space.

Properties with Working Appliances Installed

Renters often don’t own their appliances. While home owners often take their appliances with them or offer them to the new owners when they purchase the house, renters often don’t have that luxury. What they do want is up-to-date appliances that work. No tenant wants to be contacting their landlord because the dishwasher gives out or the microwave stops working, nor does the property owner want to deal with fixing it. The newer the appliances are, the better in the eyes of a tenant, which will minimize the phone calls pertaining to problems.

Also, tenants look for places that have washers and dryers ready to go. Going to a laundromat can be time consuming; having the luxury of washing clothes at home goes a long way with renters.

Properties That Are Updated

You certainly can’t do anything about the age of your rental, but you can make it look up-to-date and current. Replacing items as they wear out or putting in hardwood floors where there was once linoleum can make a huge difference in the looks of the home. Updates are a great way to make your property more attractive to renters. As a bonus, you’ll be able to charge higher rents.

Properties with a Good Landlord

When someone signs a lease, they want to know it will be ready on move-in day. Make sure to test out all the water taps, lights, locks, and switches before they move in. Once they’re in, be available for them to contact you easily and return phone calls promptly. Staying on top of things will motivate your renters to stick with a landlord they like and prevent dealing with a vacancy.

Hire a Professional Property Manager Denver Respects

Being a landlord can be difficult and time consuming work. If you enjoy the profit you’re making on renting your home but aren’t up to the challenge, or no longer have time to do it, consider hiring a property manager that’s based in Denver. Having a local property manager can keep your income in your account while eliminating the headache of dealing with renters. A professional property management team like Stars & Stripes Homes will ensure your property keeps renting to all the right renters as you relax and enjoy the money flowing in.


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